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Let's Get Acquainted

Embarking on a journey spanning over nine years within the dynamic Salesforce ecosystem, I've evolved into a seasoned Senior Technical Architect with a specialized focus on the Communications, Media & Tech (CMT) sector. Currently positioned as a key player in the CMT Operational Unit at Salesforce, I excel in providing strategic guidance for bespoke communications cloud implementations that align precisely with client requirements and objectives on the Salesforce platform. My expertise extends beyond boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on industries such as Insurance, Retail, and Oil & Gas through pivotal roles held at IBM's Salesforce practices, where I served as a technical lead and Senior Technical Architect.


Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, my home base is in Toronto, ON, where I passionately embody core values of Trust, Equality, Innovation, and Customer Success. Beyond the professional landscape, my interests unfold as an avid cricket enthusiast, fitness advocate, nature lover, and enthusiastic trail hiker. Currently immersed in the enriching journey of learning French, I actively seek opportunities for conversational practice. This is my story—an intricate blend of professional acumen and personal passions, carefully woven into the fabric of my unique journey.


My interest lies in Salesforce lightning custom development, mobile development, Salesforce Industries and Integration. 


I post content on best practices and unique solutions that I have come across throughout my consulting career. 


Hoping it is helpful for aspiring Salesforce consultants, developers and architects navigate their own projects and gain inspiration.


Happy trails ahead!

Stay In Touch

You are welcome to keep coming back here to see new content. However, a better option is to subscribe to my youtube channel! I post videos there on walkthroughs and tips on Salesforce.

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